Thursday, October 8, 2009

Of Muses and Mumbling

Lately, I've realized just how often I find myself muttering little thoughts and things to myself (and consequently getting weird looks for talking to myself), and thought, "Hm, maybe I should write in my journal more often, get these thoughts down for... posterity, I guess?" I then realized that I had failed, once more, to keep my thoughts to myself, when my younger brother told me to shut up. After many scientific processes, including hitting my younger brother with a calculator, and doodling owls, I came to the conclusion that I should start... (wait for it)... a blog!

And thus, Spouts, Spiels, and Assorted Miscellanea came into existence, hoorah, hooray, and let there be much rejoicing.

Anyway... I've lost my train of thought, having left and come back after being distracted, but... well... I'll shut up now.

Peace out.