Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rest in Peace

Three days into sophomore year, Social Life, the beloved son of Friends and Fun, died during a home invasion in his High School, California home. Born in Middle School, California, Social Life was naturally happy and carefree. In his youth, he could always be found at the local park or at Starbucks, drinking a vanilla frappachino. As he grew older, Social Life moved to High School, where he met his future fiance, Key Club. Although the two were not close at first, after a few months they found common ground in a love of people and community service, and were wed on a beautiful sunny day in March.

After a long, relaxing vacation in Summer, USA, Social Life returned to High School. However, in the late afternoon of August 23, his house was attacked by his old archrival Grades, as well as his new enemies, Chemistry Honors and Working Out. Knowing that he could not hold out much longer, he heroically gave his life to protect his wife and children.

Social Life is survived by his wife and two children, Journalism and Gay-Straight Alliance. He will be sorely missed.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Death of a Summer

'Tis the eve of sophomore year, and yet my mind remains stoutly in the chilled out mindset that is summer. It never really felt like summer to begin with, I guess, because no matter where I was, I always seemed to be looking a few days ahead, until today, when it finally dawned on me that it was over.

It wasn't a complete dud, though. I went intertubing and rock climbing; I did the Leap of Faith and did an improv session. I tie-dyed shirts and made lanyards and friendship bracelets. I dressed up in silly outfits and I biked to Jamba Juice. I watched Shutter Island in a dark tent in the early hours of the morning. I spent a week running after hyped-up preschoolers, and I spent a week scribbling furious notes while surrounded by a bunch of other journalism geeks. I checked out guys and rode roller coasters, and I learned to juggle.

There is no apprehension, no nerves, no mental-breakdown-utter-denial "I still have all the time in the world!" So bring it on, sophomore year. School starts tomorrow, and I'm unafraid. Hell, I'm more than unafraid - I'm pumped.

Friday, August 20, 2010


If there is any such thing as comeuppance
One day I'll get my I-told-you-so
You'll have ignored me time and time again
And it will finally catch up to you
They'll have left you
He'll have left you
(Whoever "he" is)
I'll still be right here
Doing what I always do
Taking out the trash
Sweeping up the debris
And cleaning up the devastation in your wake
And I'll stand there
Amongst the burnt out cigarette butts and broken dreams
And I'll let it rip
What's been due to me all these years
I'll say it across the empty junkyard
(Your rats of friends will have long since disappeared.)
And you'll look up at me with tears in your eyes
"Do you need me?"
And you'll come running
And I'll still be right there
And I'll whisper it to myself at night
Rolling it around on my tongue
Letting it ghost past my lips
"I told you so."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The H8 Has Ended

Well, it's finally happened: Prop 8 has been overturned. I found out during my break today. I was sitting in the tunnel on the playground with my fellow Leader-in-Training when she went, "Oh my gosh!"

"What?" I asked.

"Prop 8 has been overturned!"

At which point I let out a hearty "Fuck yeah!" and smacked my head on the top of the tunnel.

I'm not going to go through all the reasons that this was the right decision, because odds are, if you aren't pro-love I would have turned you off long ago. However, I am elated that all of my friends, regardless of sexuality, will be able to marry whomever they choose. Prop 8 was ridiculous to begin with, and it was even more absurd that it passed. This gives me hope for the sanity of America, and for a more tolerant future.