Sunday, September 5, 2010

Live From the Trunk

I've always wondered what would be a good gimmick for my writing, what would make people look at this blog or my poetry and think, "Wow. This hasn't been done by every other teenage who has ever had access to a stick and some mud."

My age does not constitute as anything special. I attend a journalism class every other day with people who are, in my opinion, some of the best minds of our generation. I read their articles and blogs, and act generally creepy, and am consistently amazed by the quality of their work. While many may assume, "Ah, but she's a sweet young lass of 14, and she's using words with a bunch of them syllable-things,", the fact that I am a teenager does not make my writing any better than if these same words were currently being written by a 42-year old man. (Besides, of course, the sweet young lass comment - there would be more than a few continuity issues.)

Just because many of my peers RiTe lIeK dIs n CaNT cAptLze PUncTuATE oR sPeLl CoRreCTlY (no, I will never do that again) and like to use words that have only a few of those things that make up a word, what are they called? Let me get my word book. Oh, syllables. Just because many of my peers do not edit their work at a semi-professional level and prefer to use shorter, more general words does not make me anything special.

My subject matter is far from unique - Poems, Poems! Angst, Angst! Ramble, Ramble, General Opinion, Attempt at Comedy! Why you are still reading at this point confounds me to no end. I am 14 years old - what could I possibly have to say?

Dear blog,

Today my Chemistry Honors teacher yelled at us. It was scary. Then we had to play pickleball in PE, and our team was, like, sooooo beast! It was pretty pro. Then I got to go to the Drama Club meeting, and Oh. Em. Gee. They ate, like, all my food in like, ten seconds! It was insane! 'Twas like a swarm of locusts descending upon a field of crops, pillaging it and leaving only death and destruction in their wake.

So, yeah. That was pretty nuts. And then we had journalism, and oh my gosh, I got to set up interviews! Like, Oh My Bieber! BloggyMcBlogger808 out, yo!

(I apologize for any brain cells lost in the process of reading the above.)

I'm at the age where I have too little experience to pass judgements on life, but enough to know that I shouldn't be attempting to pass judgements on life because of lack of said experience. Did that make sense? (It's 12:35 in the morning. Be glad I possess any coherenednksljnfskljnfssjjjjjjjjfa;mv)

And then, tonight, on the way to the Green Day concert with my family, it hit me - my gimmick didn't have to be based on talent, or personality - I could have a witty title and interesting location!

Spouts, Spiels, and Assorted Miscellanea - Live From the Trunk!

Without poking my head out from the trunk, I asked, "Mom, can I use your iPhone?"

From the backseat came a brief, "No."

And so I tried again. "Please?"


I bided my time. I waited. I fogged up the back windshield with my breath and wrote messages to other drivers.



And so died my gimmick.

So... I'm 14 years old and I can use multi-syllabic words, punctuate and capitalize my sentences correctly, use grammar correctly, and spell! Read my blog.

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