Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dihydrogen Monoxide is Going to Kill Us All

Ah, Easter. The holiday on which Jesus' supposed ascension becomes a day about eating chocolate and giant, pedophilic bunnies. The day on which I must get up at 8:50 on a weekend, wear a monkey suit, and go to church, where all of the people too busy to be "Good Christians" every other day of the year show up in hopes of redeeming themselves somewhat. But, despite my somewhat dry view of it, it's not all that bad. My family went out to a brunch buffet, where I had delicious Eggs Benedict and Cheese Blintzes, among other things, and then returned home, where I discarded my dress and heels in favor of pajamas.

But then, after laying in bed near-comatose for a few hours on my laptop, I realized only after seeing it on Facebook(ignore the large window four feet from my back) that it was raining outside. So, I did what any normal teenager would do: I threw on a sweatshirt and jeans, and went for a walk. Yes, I walk barefoot in the rain. No, I'm not trying to get pneumonia and die.

I don't see why people dislike the rain. The sky may become a somewhat dismal white, and dull the other colors, but they're not dulled, you just have to look a little closer. Everything looks fresher, cleaner, and it's quieter out. If one had seen me walking, I might have looked rather sad, trudging in the rain barefoot, but in reality, I was content and lost in thought. Just watching the cars go by brought to mind multiple questions: Who are they? Why are they driving alone, in the rain, on Easter? Do they not celebrate? Do they have nobody to celebrate with? Are they going somewhere? What's their story? People tend to disregard so easily the fact that other cars are not, in fact, mindless entities intent on making their own driving experience worse, but are people with lives and pets and dreams in a vehicle.

Besides my rambling musings, however, I also discovered an interesting new pasttime. If you have not yet observed a snail actually moving, you should. They just inch along, slowly, but they're moving, and it's strange to see such a small creature attempting to cross a gap that would take a human but one stride to traverse. In addition, I managed to rescue three big snails, a baby snail, and a teeny tiny infant snail (or so it appeared) and put them under some leaves, so as not to get pelted with the rain.

I also realized today, as I was walking out the door to church, that in many ways, I have changed since I was a child, some for the better, some for the worse. I still am not fond of going to church, but now instead of throwing tantrums, I go and sit quietly, replaying stories in my head and zoning out for an hour. On Easters past, I would not have hesitated to throw on a parka over my dress if it was windy and cold. Today, I pulled my little sweater tighter around my shoulders and told my mom that it was making the choice between looking nice and being comfortable, a choice she'd told me to choose the former for many, many times.

Now, in not-quite-so-eloquent news, Club n Grub is this week! For you poor, sad souls who don't know what Club n Grub is, it is only the biggest assortment of delicious, inexpensive food that our school gets all year, and I will enjoy it greatly. Porque comida es bien.

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