Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Voice Says to Burn Things


I know it's been a long day when my insane other half is reprimanding me in a patronizing, second grade teacher-voice. I'm not sure if it's healthy to have an insane other half who likes to burn things, but it's a moot point. It's been a long day of tolerating irritating people and not lighting them on fire.

A few people who I want to light on fire today destroyed any hope I may have had for the male race. My female friends and I have always wondered, "What do boys talk about when they're not around girls?" We imagined it might have actually been girls, or at least some interesting gossip.


They talked about their balls.

In other news, I learned way more about the male reproductive system today than I did in three years of Sex Ed.

Also, I think I'll be needing therapy.

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