Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Blue is the Color of Awesome

So, I walk into a bar, and the bartender says, "You look a little young to be here," and I say, "Well, good sir, if you can believe it, I'm not a day under thirty," and he said, "Well, cheers then!", and we drank firewhisky until the floor fell out from under us.

In other news, I think that has been my worst introduction ever.

I was privileged enough to get to see the Blue Man Group while I was here in Las Vegas. Now, never having bothered to look into what they do, I really had no idea of what their show would be like. As far as I knew, they were creepy guys with wide eyes and blue painted skin. However, right from the beginning I knew I was in for a treat. The announcements warned me to turn off, among other things, my cell phone, skyliner wand, and portable fax machine, and that videotaping of the performance would result in the activation of the eject mechanism in my seat. The music was an amazing display of percussion, with loud, urgent rhythms and a deep bass that shook me in my seat, and a tasteful amount of supplementary electric guitar.

The display itself was amazing, with lights of every size and color, brightly colored paint and instruments. However, the most entertaining was the commentary scattered throughout, broaching subjects ranging from how to be a rock star to how our brains work. The three performers walked down the aisles, jumped over the seats, and ate Cap'n Crunch on stage. They brought a woman up on stage to eat a Twinkie, then painted a man blue, hung him upside down, and swung him into a canvas. Toilet paper fell in buckets from the ceiling, covering the crowd, and at one point, the entire crowd got up and danced. Despite all of this, there was still bits of sophisticated humor thrown in, such as crowd-pleasing acronyms such as ROFLUIPSM, which stands for "Rolling On the Floor Laughing Until I Puke and Soil Myself", and MTEM, which is an abbreviation of "My Tofurkey Exploded in the Microwave". It was an incredible show, and I would recommend it to anybody looking for a good time in Vegas.

And now it is too late and I am too tired to write a conclusion for this blog, so you can just pretend that there is a very conclusive conclusion while I sleep. Good night.

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  1. I wanted to get to know the lady who was bringing me my wine, and I'm really glad I did. I love, love, love your writing. Your blog posts are lovely to read and very concise, which is nice. I waffle on too much and it just doesn't make any sense.

    Anyway, good to meet you, through the internet. I'm excited to lurk through your page in the future :)