Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Means War

While attempting to update my iPod Touch to the new 4.0 software, I got the technology equivalent of a slap in the face and a knee to the groin. First, after clicking "Update", it hijacked my iTunes with a loading bar for a good five minutes, then left my iPod as it had been before, without any new changes. The second time, it started to restore my iPod. Restoring an iPod returns it to the factory setting, erasing all apps, photos, videos, music, contacts, and all other personal information that was added to the iPod after purchasing it. I quickly unplugged my iPod, hoping to stop the restore, and plugged it back into iTunes. It gave me a message stating that the iPod was in recovery mode, and could not connect to iTunes unless it was restored. Unable to fix it any other way, I gave in and restored it, consequently erasing everything.

In a way, it's my fault for:

a. Attempting to use anything pertaining to technology without my Dad next to me, ready with a fire extinguisher and his laptop.

b. Relying so heavily on technology.

Even so, if Apple were a person, I would be bitch-slapping them until their earbuds fell out.

1 comment:

  1. Apple does suck in that sense. The same thing always happens to me. Whenever I plug in my iPhone I expect it the computer to only update one thing, but instead it updates everything that possibly exists on it. I once spent 30 minutes updating my phone. Garrr. Oh well, that's why stuff from Apple looks awesome. It's like the apple merchandise is trying to tell you, "You can't be angry at me because I'm beautiful. And it's difficult to hate beautiful things. muahahahahahaha."